Warming Up

Warming Up

Monday, November 4, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Moon Hooch

A few months ago I came across an awesome video that someone had posted on Facebook. It was of a band playing in a field full of cows. The music was fun, wacky, and funky. Two saxophones and a drummer. Weird instrumentation, but it was a lot of fun, especially when the drummer hit the cowbell on his kit causing the cows to totally freak out. Here’s the video:

Cattle Dance Party


Fast forward a few months. While listening to NPR I heard a tune that just had to be that same band. Two saxes and a drummer, but this time it was a studio recording with plenty of chorus, reverb, and compression on the saxes – almost like Ska saxophone from the early 80’s. Sure enough, it is the same band. They’re called Moon Hooch. A couple of music school kids with some wacky ideas playing some really fun and original music in NYC subways. They’ve been touring a lot and you can follow along on their website. The site also houses some great videos. And if you like what you see/hear, check out their debut album which streams for free on bandcamp: http://moonhooch.bandcamp.com/. You can also purchase their album here too, if you are so inclined.

I like the album a lot. It’s a bit repetitive (especially with the formulaic disco/party drumbeats and formulaic bass lines) but that’s really ok because the record is a lot of fun. I’d imagine that these guys would put on an awesome live show. I hope that they come to Philly sometime soon.

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