Warming Up

Warming Up

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Interviews: Jason Moran and Bobby Zankel on Muhal Richard Abrams

Here's a cool interview with pianist/composer Jason Moran talking about legendary pianist/composer Muhal Richard Abrams. The part about Mr. Moran’s composition lessons with Mr. Abrams sure reminded me of “Week Four” from my lessons with Dennis Sandole (I'll have to post some of that stuff soon). Very interesting.

The Philly ensemble with whom I have the pleasure to play, Bobby Zankel and the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound have begun rehearsing with Mr. Abrams. We will be performing some brand new music of Mr. Abrams' in concert at Montgomery County Community College on April 28, 2012.

Here is the Jason Moran video:

And here is a Bobby Zankel interview in which he discusses his personal history, including this upcoming concert with Muhal Richard Abrams: