Warming Up

Warming Up

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gabriel Blow Your Horn

So apparently my youngest son Gabriel (4) found my old Getzen cornet yesterday and decided to play it.  I walked in the door after work and my wife said “Check this out.  Play for Daddy, Gabriel.”  Well Gabriel whipped out the cornet and proceeded to blast a high G.  The G on top of the staff!  That’s the same high G that took me almost a year to get when I was a beginner and now here’s this four year old belting it out.  And he had a pretty clear tone too all things considered (don't worry, after this I showed him how to correctly hold the horn and told him not to puff his cheeks).  Maybe this will be the kid that plays the trumpet like his old man.  Maybe he’ll be a natural high note player – unlike his old man.  The cornet does seem to be almost the right size for him but this old Getzen is not a player at all.  Crappy valves and some serious dents.  Anyone have an old cornet (maybe an Olds Ambassador) or a decent pocket trumpet that you are looking to unload for cheap??

But maybe Gabriel won’t be a trumpet player after all.  Maybe he’ll be a bass player (that would work out great for the family band – with Julian on drums, Miles on guitar, Sara on keys, and me on trumpet; we’re gonna need a bass player!).  Or maybe he won’t play an instrument at all.  Maybe he’ll be a doctor.  Or an engineer.  Or a dog trainer.  I don’t really care what he does as long as he works hard at it and enjoys it.  That’s what I want for all of my kids.  If they play music, great.  As much as I love playing though, I don’t want to push it on them, force them to practice, and have them end up resenting the instrument.  But if they do continue to play their instruments, I hope they find joy in it, no matter what the level of their playing.  And no matter what they do, I’m sure they’ll always have a big place for music in their life whether they are playing or listening.  That will absolutely be good enough for me.  In the meantime, blow that horn, Gabriel!!

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