Warming Up

Warming Up

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Practicing: Charlier

OK – slight change in plans. I had almost finished preparing a post with a bunch of Dennis Sandole material but my scanner is temporarily down. So…

Today’s post is a short one with a YouTube clip. About a year ago, I finally picked up the Charlier 36 Etudes book that probably every other trumpet out there already has. It’s a standard text in music schools, but for whatever reason, I never bought it. Well now that I have it, I can’t really claim to have used it much (gotta work on that because these are awesome etudes!), but there are a couple of etudes that I have practiced. Right now I am occasionally working on the first one (the second is really cool too – everyone plays the second, so that’s why I figured I should work on the first one). When playing these etudes I think it’s really important to pay attention to the markings that Charlier made in the music. If he says that the volume should be pianissimo, we should listen to him. We can interpret the notes but we should do so while honoring the composer’s intentions. Charlier One should sound like this:

Craig Morris is a master trumpet player. And for a while he was regularly posting on his blog. There’s still plenty of great past material on there though so check him out. And here’s his YouTube channel which has a few more Charlier etude performances.

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