Warming Up

Warming Up

Monday, June 6, 2011

Guess The Trumpet Player Winner

Thanks to all who listened to Thursday’s track and to those who ventured a guess. The winner of the twentieth edition of the Outside Pants Guess The Trumpet Player contest is…….the winner of last week’s contest, Philly trumpet player Adam Hershberger. Nice work, Adam!

And the correct answer is….Jesus Alemañy.  The band he leads is called ¡Cubanismo! and this tune is called “Pa'Que Gozen” and it was written by the Cuban Maestro Arsenio Rodriguez.

I am not a huge fan of high note trumpet playing. I admire the skill and technique that is required to play up in that register, but it just doesn’t move me all that much. When it’s used sparingly but to great effect then yeah, I really enjoy it. But high notes just for the sake of high notes, no, I’m not into that. But there’s something about the upper register of Jesus Alemañy that I really, really like. He has a crazy fire up there. His sound sizzles and it’s as big as a house, never getting thin like some players when they push the limits. His articulation, phrasing, and time are perfect. And his band ¡Cubanismo! is smoking! I really like Cuban music and this band is just a lot of fun. Check out Jesus and the crew playing “Mambo UK” (if this doesn’t get you moving, then I just don’t know what will):

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