Warming Up

Warming Up

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Doug Hirlinger - Music Creative

With today’s post I want to highlight the work and new blog of drummer/composer Doug Hirlinger. Doug and I were neighbors when we both used to live in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Doug, who lives in NYC now, is a fantastic jazz-oriented drummer with a very advanced rhythmic concept. He is also a great composer and musical thinker. Check out this first post on the new blog portion of his musiccreative.org website:
I won’t cut and paste his text and musical examples – just click on the link and read for yourself – but I will cut and paste the intro to Doug’s post because I think this intro sums up why Doug is doing what he’s he doing and how the concepts can be applied to all instruments…even a trumpet:

As with all posts that will appear on this blog, this post is meant as a kernel to spur your own ideas. If you begin by mastering this small idea, you’ll probably find yourself with many more ideas and concepts. While I work on this idea mainly behind a drumset or as a rhythmic compositional device, this can be applied to any instrument or situation…

Check out musiccreative.org and visit again for new thoughts and ideas.

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