Warming Up

Warming Up

Monday, February 7, 2011

Listening Contest Winner

The winner of the fourth installment of the Outside Pants Guess The Trumpet Player contest is……..great Philly trumpeter Stan Slotter.  And the correct answer is…….Clifford Brown.  Nice work, Stan!  Your prize is your choice of either Outside Pants Vol. 1 – Old School Players or Outside Pants Vol. 2 – Ron Miles Mix.

And thanks to all who played!  Many of you guessed Clifford although some really heard Lee Morgan (Lee certainly does come out of Clifford though – especially early Lee).  Well this was indeed Clifford and the recording was Brownie's take on one of my favorite tunes, “Tenderly.”  This live version comes from “Max Roach Clifford Brown Quintet - The Historic California Concerts 1954.” This whole album is excellent and the coolest part is that you get to hear the Clifford Brown/Max Roach collaboration in its infancy.  In fact, the classic quintet lineup with Harold Land, Ritchie Powell, and George Morrow hadn’t even solidified yet.  Plus, Clifford is featured continuously and he is just burning all the way through this album.  Oh and yeah, he's only 23 on this record.  Insane!

More to come on Brownie tomorrow - an Outside Pants Album Spotlight.

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